PermaFrost NMR Refrigerant Additive

Reduce energy consumptions in all types of HVAC and refrigeration systems by up to 38% (18% average return)

Did you know that 99% of HVAC Systems have Oil Fouling? PermaFrost NMR™ is a sustainable solution for Oil Fouling.

What is Oil Fouling?

In every HVAC & Refrigerant system Oil is needed to lubricate the compressor’s cylinder, rings and piston to prevent burnout. This oil leaks around seals and gets into the refrigerant loop. The refrigerant then carries the oil into the coil system where it adheres to the walls of the coils creating an insulating barrier, increasing laminar friction, and reducing the heat transfer ability of the unit.

PermaFrost NMR™ works at the Molecular Level to Cure Oil Fouling

PermaFrost™ fills the space lattice in the metal surface creating a slippery exterior so that the Oil cannot bond to it. This enhances heat transfer.

Benefits of PermaFrost NMR™

  • A one-time treatment that removes “oil fouling” from an HVAC system, preventing it from EVER re-occurring again
  • It allows an HVAC system to use less energy by achieving set temperatures quicker, extending the useful equipment life
  • It enhances the heat transfer ability of the metal itself and improves the overall efficiency of an HVAC system
  • It creates a Nanomagnetic filming that protects the metal against corrosion and reduces metallic wear inside system