Snow Removal

Lane Valente provides around the clock, on-demand service to your sites giving you the  protection you need from harsh winter storms and the liabilities those storms bring with them. Well before the first drop of snow hits the pavement, we work with you to formulate a comprehensive snow and ice management plan.

We start by walking every inch of your site, mapping out and flagging traffic patterns, curbs, fire hydrants, and other hazards that might not be so evident under a foot of snow. Our staff is fully trained on snow equipment operation, on-site troubleshooting and safety. When a storm is imminent, our Snow Command is available 24/7, monitoring meteorological data and keeping you informed of any changes. We are ready and standing by with the necessary equipment and manpower to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at us.

Our Snow & Ice Removal benefits include:

  • Peace of Mind that snow & ice events do NOT disrupt site operations
  • Convenience of consolidating all snow and ice management under a single program
  • Gain visibility and control of your budget
  • Reduce Risk, Exposure & Liability
  • Reduce your annual spend by as much as 15%

Custom Pricing Models

Lane Valente offers the most comprehensive and competitive snow & ice removal services in the U.S. We offer three different pricing plans to fit any budget. Let us help tailor a snow & ice management program to fit your specific needs.

Per Push
Rate will vary per site and will be based on each visit we make during a storm event.

Event Pricing
Fixed rate per each event. Based on the total accumulation for a storm event.

Seasonal Pricing
A fixed annual fee – regardless of total number of snow events or snow accumulation