Kohl’s Taps Lane Valente & Ecotality With More Charging Stations

Kohl’s Taps Lane Valente & Ecotality With More Charging Stations

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI — Kohl’s reaffirmed its green reputation with the announcement that it will expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging station initiative with 36 new stations across 18 additional Kohl’s locations by the end of fall 2012. Helping with that initiative will be Lane Valente Industries which will be installing a total of 24 EV Charging Stations at 12 store stores. Lane Valente Industries (Lane Valente) offers EV Charging manufacturers like ECOtality Inc a turnkey solution for their customer’s like Kohl’s managing everything from logistics, permitting, installation and commissioning.

The expansion for Kohl’s spans three new states, including Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and adds additional locations to the company’s Texas EV program. With the expansion, Kohl’s shoppers will be able to take advantage of a total of 101 charging stations at 52 Kohl’s locations across 14 states. Each of the participating Kohl’s locations will have two or three parking spaces reserved for EV drivers to charge at no cost while they shop.

“Since Kohl’s EV charging station initiative began in December 2011, it has received extremely positive feedback from our customers who are excited about the added convenience,” said John Worthington, Kohl’s chief administrative officer. “From our solar program to our green building efforts, Kohl’s has been pleased to be able to grow sustainability programs that make sense for our business, customers and communities – and our EV program is one more great example.”

To maximize the number of participating Kohl’s locations, the company partners with Duke Energy, ChargePoint and ECOtality Inc. on its EV charging station program.

Kohl’s, through a two-year partnership with Duke Energy, as a part of Indiana’s Project Plug-IN, installed six charging stations across three central Indiana Kohl’s stores in spring 2012. Additionally, Kohl’s has expanded its partnership with ECOtality, Inc. to install 30 EV charging stations at 15 Kohl’s locations across Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. These charging stations will be available at select Kohl’s stores through Dec. 31, 2013, after which Kohl’s will assess opportunities to expand upon the effort.

Charging stations can be activated by EV drivers in various ways including radio frequency identification (RFID) cards available at Kohl’s customer service desk and via phone numbers provided on the charging stations.

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