Lane Valente Introduces New Synergy Resource Platform

Lane Valente Introduces New Synergy Resource Platform

BOHEMIA, NY – January 16, 2013 – Lane Valente Industries announced today that it will be unveiling its Synergy Resource Platform (SRP) to all of their retail and commercial clients. Lane Valente’s new SRP is designed to improve its customer’s operational efficiency, help to reduce energy costs and forecast savings opportunities.

This unique platform gives our various teams the ability to proactively share information across all three of our divisions – Energy, Facility Maintenance and Construction. The data that is shared enables our team to find true cost reductions that single business units tend to miss.

“Many of our customers will partner with an energy company or even a maintenance provider to find savings opportunities” said Chris Lambert, SVP Global Sales & Marketing at LVI. “But what we are bringing to the table is so much different. We are leveraging the true synergy that exists between the three major divisions of our company and working together to find a solution that fits our customer, regardless of brand. It’s our job to find the best solutions for our customers regardless of brand – what we call brand neutral”.

Today’s smart businesses plan for long-term success by developing strategies that support growth. Our SRP not only identifies cost savings opportunities today, it creates innovation platforms for tomorrow.

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