Lane Valente Partners With Spike Systems!

Lane Valente Partners With Spike Systems!

Lane Valente Industries has become the exclusive North American distributor of Spike Systems traffic security devices.

Lane Valente Industries is pleased to announce that 3/15/19 was the official commencement of a partnership with Spike Systems and Lane Valente Industries.

The new collaboration will bring the manufacturing skillsets of the existing Spike team and will be supported by the LVI management staff and the LVI 24/7 Customer Service Center, it will be monitored by LVI’s proprietary service platform Fastrac to ensure orders are followed through completion and technical experts that have been brought in specifically to support the product, service and installation of Spike products throughout North America.

The cost of products to our clients has not increased, however the level of service and support will skyrocket. Training rooms, seminars, tech support are all being developed and some are already implemented. Lane Valente has also put capital resources into inventory so emergency replacements can be accommodated in a fraction of the time they had been previously.

More to come!