Lower Energy Costs & Increase System Reliability

LVI Energy’s HVAC Optimization Program is a complete solution for our retail and commercial customers who are looking for the benefits of a planned HVAC maintenance program combined with financial incentives provided by utility partners throughout the country. The maintenance plan is based on HVAC research and new energy vendor products, which leads to better energy efficiency. LVI Energy’s incentive program helps offset the incremental cost of the
planned maintenance and/ or upgrades by working with utility companies that offer rebates and direct-funded projects.

Our energy team will work with the utility directly to capture any rebate money that is available on any retrofits and/ or maintenance programs. Our rebate administration team will handle the entire process from A to Z. When a check is processed from the utility, it will be mailed directly to you.

How Your Business Can Benefit from our maintenance & retrofit programs –

  • Lower energy bills
  • Increase system reliability
  • Improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort
  • Lower repair costs and reduce amount of unplanned service calls
  • Reduce capital costs by achieving longer equipment life
  • Reduce carbon footprint