Smart Demand Response Options from LVI Energy.

What is Demand Response?

Current demand response schemes are implemented with large and small commercial as well as residential customers, often through the use of dedicated control systems to shed loads in response to a request by a utility or market price conditions. Services (lights, machines, air conditioning) are reduced according to a preplanned load prioritization scheme during the critical time frames. An alternative to load shedding is on-site generation of electricity to supplement the power grid. Under conditions of tight electricity supply, demand response can significantly decrease the peak price and, in general, electricity price volatility.

Every day the demand for electricity continues to rise and the supply for that demand is often tight. In response to that demand, utilities and grid operators continue to look for ways to increase the electric grid’s capacity. In the past, the only option to support the demand was to fire up costly backup power plants. Whereas today, power providers can now look to energy users to relieve the grid of excess demand at critical times with multiple demand response solutions.

LVI Energy and its vendor partners offer retail, commercial, and industrial companies the opportunity to receive payments for participating in an LVI Energy demand response program. With LVI Energy’s vendor partners we are offering new opportunities in more energy markets than any other energy provider. Because LVI Energy is brand-neutral, we are able to find you the right fit and maximize your savings.