Lane Valente provides around the clock support to some of the biggest names in restaurants. We also support our smaller chain customers with the same unmatched level of service.

Whether you select Lane Valente for a single project or a nationwide rollout you can be sure that your restaurant will have virtually no impact to your customers. We value our restaurant customer both large and small, and you will see that in both our attention to detail and level of service. Just like your restaurant, we bring a lot of great things to the table.

When you select Lane Valente you will quickly come to find out what our customers already know:

  • A coast-to-coast team of restaurant experts, led by a dedicated project manager
  • Extensive Program Communication – with all restaurant personnel, manager’s and corporate contacts. No surprises for you or your customers.
  • Industry leader & extensive experience with all restaurant categories including: Fast Food, Fast Casual, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Entertainment and Hospitality.

Recently completed chain-wide initiatives includes:

  • Interior & Exterior remodels
  • Drive-thru upgrades – design & reconfigure
  • Revising kitchen layouts – cabinet & counter
  • Paint, tile and graphics upgrades
  • Logistics, Warehousing, Delivery and Commissioning – New Restaurant Equipment
  • ADA Compliance & Upgrades
  • Bar and Lobby Upgrades